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9/11 Memorial NYC: A Photo Essay

The 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan … NYC

9/11 Memorial © Alice Joyce

… on the site where the World Trade Center Twin Towers once rose skyward.

Two vast pools now occupy the footprints of the two buildings.

NYC 9/11 Memorial © Alice Joyce

Architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker designed the memorial…

9/11 Memorial Detail © Alice Joyce

to incorporate thirty-foot waterfalls, cascading into pools that culminate in a central void.

9/11 Memorial Center Void © Alice Joyce

Bronze parapets outline the uppermost ledge of each pool. Here, inscriptions of the victims’ names can be seen.

9/11 Memorial Inscriptions © Alice Joyce

The reflection of One World Trade Center heightens the impact of the new Museum Pavilion’s glass facade.

Memorial Museum Reflection © Alice Joyce

 One World Trade Center ~ the tallest building in the United States.

2 comments to 9/11 Memorial NYC: A Photo Essay

  • Powerful photos, Alice. Though I have been to NYC several times since 9/11 I have only been able to make the briefest of visits to the site, finding it overwhelming. A friend recently saw the new monument and thought much of it. Perhaps I will try to make another visit this year.

  • Thanks, Lesley.
    It was crowded, b
    ut entrances were timed to cut down on congestion once inside the monument.
    I didn’t photograph the landscape itself because there were many people walking around.

    The pools with their rushing water and sublime design comprise an achingly beautiful tribute to the victims.