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Entrée to America's Gardens

Rose-draped Greenhouse (Alice Joyce photo)

Rose-draped Greenhouse (Alice Joyce photo)

The vignettes shown here were photographed at wonderful private gardens I visited during the 2010 Open Days Program: One of many events and programs sponsored by The Garden Conservancy.

Deer Sculpture (Photo: Alice Joyce)

Even though it’s too early to purchase a new directory to see listings of private and public gardens in the U.S. that will be participating in next year, the holiday season has me in the mood to trumpet the Open Days Program for 2011. Click on the link, and bookmark it so you can order a 2011 directory as soon they begin taking orders.

Summer Garden: Greenhouse and Birdbath (Alice Joyce photo)

The Garden Conservancy deserves our support, and the holidays are a good time to consider becoming a member if you are not currently signed up. The organization’s sterling efforts are behind the preservation of unique American properties like the renowned succulent landscape of The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Aloe Folly (Photo: Brian Kemble)

…and the incredible ongoing restoration work in the gardens of historic Alcatraz Island.

Whitewashed Brick Wall and Lavatera Photo © Alice Joyce

Maybe you will choose to be involved as an Open Days garden host, sharing your own garden with like-minded hortophiles, or become a volunteer or representative for your region.

Pool and Pergola (Alice Joyce photo)

Entrée to serene private settings such as the Collenette Garden – pictured above – are opportunities I look forward to each year! And the events and seminars sponsored by The Garden Conservancy are always stimulating, increasing one’s knowledge while challenging ideas. Visit the main page of the Conservancy’s web site for news, and to see what events are taking place around the country. Having just popped onto the site, I learned Heronswood is for sale –the 15-acre landscape created by Daniel Hinkley and Robert Jones; subsequently purchased by Burpee. A destination nursery and gardenscape, Heronswood lured me to the Seattle area often, where I reveled in the great garden design, and a chance to be surrounded by the rarest of rare plants collected by Dan on his wide-ranging explorations.

Heronswood (Photo: Garden Conservancy web site)

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  • Heronswood looks fantastic!

  • Dear Alice, The Garden Conservancy project does sound like an excellent way to see private and public gardens of all sizes and styles across the USA. It must be a similar idea to the UK’s ‘Yellow Book’ and this scheme has certainly provided me with countless hours of enjoyment as well as inspiring ideas. And, all to support good causes too!!

  • Thanks Alice! The 2011 Open Days Directory can be pre-ordered now by calling toll-free, 888=842-2442. We are offering a special deal for the holiday season for new members only: Join as a member, receive the Open Days Directory when it’s published in March, and get a packet of six admission tickets free (a $15 value) for use at any Open Days garden!

  • Hi Alice, thank you very much for visiting my site, it is an honor to be visited by someone like you once-in-a while. I smiled at your mention of my blog title, you are 2nd to say something on that subject. Saying it somehow “connotes energy” is appreciated, for some there is a sense of mystery in it. About this post, i am so amazed at that green arches. I wonder if they just water it everytime or there are embedded tubings on top of the arch. I also wonder what is the supporting material, is that all cement? Thank you.