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California Wine Country

Intoxicating Lavender Fields .. Matanzas Creek Winery

The lavender and estate gardens at Matanzas Creek Winery are situated amid hilly terrain in Sonoma County’s Bennett Valley. Washed over in luminous hues, the setting combines an elegant naturalism and robust verdure, where majestic native oaks tower over extravagant plantings.


It’s difficult not to be swept away by the heady perfume of lavender that greets you during a June visit.  Some 4,500 plants grow on staggered terraces, the cultivated varieties ‘Grosso’ and ‘Provence.’ The distinctive hues and textures create diagonal patterns, leading you on a gradual ascent up the steps of a central path toward the winery’s main building.

Matanzas Creek stairway Photo © Alice Joyce

Drifts of swaying grasses like the tall purple moor grass, which produces blooming spikes from June through December, soften the hillsides and walkways, alike.

Grass featherheads Photo © Alice Joyce

Masses of perennials thrive under Sonoma’s bright skies, in a design first conceived by landscape designer Gary Ratway (Digging Dog Nursery):  Gary is acknowledged for his contributions to the restoration of the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.

Matanzas Creek Lavender Field Photo © Alice Joyce

In addition to compositions of ornamental grasses and pungent herbs, the gardens feature selections of ornamental vines, shrubs and unusual trees:

Lavender field Vista (Alice Joyce photo)

Parrotia persica boasts medleys of amethyst & lemon-lime leaves in spring, shifting to shimmering golds and reds in the fall.

Fountain Sculpture Matanzas Creek Winery (Alice Joyce photo)

Eloquently described in the winery’s garden tour booklet, the governing philosophy at Matanzas Creek is one of “designing to reduce design.” It’s readily apparent throughout the grounds, but perhaps the most striking examples are boulders weighing 21,000 pounds. Set in place near a stairway, these massive forms look as if they have been there forever.   Matanzas Creek Estate & Lavender Gardens

Dry Stream Bed (Alice Joyce photo)

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  • Alice, how beautiful! I am captivated by every single photo!

  • I haven’t visited this winery, but what’s not to love? Dragonflies and lavender. Perfect! By the way, kudos on the dragonfly shot. I spent a considerable amount of time chasing an impressively huge yellow and black striped dragonfly yesterday around our orchard. Despite my pleading, I couldn’t get the lens close enough for a positive ID!

  • Hello Alice – those colours are so soothing, it would be such a wonderful place to visit! I agree with Clare about the dragonfly photo too – it’s wonderful and I’m in awe of anyone who can get a photo of a dragonfly as they are always too quick for me!

  • Is that a real dry stream, an arroyo? It looks very natural.