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John Greenlee - A Mediterranean Meadow

A Garden Installation at Cornerstone Sonoma

Greenlee meadow Cornerstone Photo © Alice Joyce

Gentle paths wind through John Greenlee’s The Mediterranean Meadow garden at Cornerstone Sonoma / Greenlee’s meadow design takes its cue from the prairies that once blanketed the Sonoma landscape.

Greenlee Meadow Detail Photo © Alice Joyce

Shifting with the changing seasons and the sky above, the garden’s naturalistic style exhibits an atmosphere colored by the weather or time of day: Its contours subdued on an overcast morning; aglow in the setting sun; or brillantly basking in the sapphire haze of a summer afternoon.

Greenlee Meadow grasses & sedges Cornerstone Photo © Alice Joyce

Greenlee’s plant selections were chosen to fit the Cornerstone site’s heavy soils, hot summers, and windy conditions; taking into account that the garden is sited on a septic mound. Used on walkways: Carex pansa “makes a fine natural lawn,”

as Greenlee states in his new book, The American Meadow Garden.

Other choice grasses used in the meadow: Dark green Carex divulsa, “one of the best groundcover grases for meadows.” Pennisetum ‘Fairy Tails’  and P. ‘Tall Tails.’ Boer’s Love Grass – the grass with glaucous blue fine-textured foliage.

Garden Installations & Shops, Cafe & Wine Tasting at Cornerstone

Cornerstone Sonoma

Cornerstone Sonoma – a wine country destination features garden installations and wine tasting and a bevy of shops filled with art and ornaments for home & garden.

Cornerstone Arbor Rosa Sombreuil Photo © Alice Joyce

Arbor draped in the fragrant blooms of Rosa ‘Sombreuil’ – Vignette: Cornerstone Sonoma Event Space designed by Ron Lutsko, Lutsko Associates.

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  • Now that was a lovely romp through a beautiful
    meadow garden. Alice, your photographs are stunning.
    I can only imagine how delightful it is to sit under the
    roses of the Cornerstone arbour. I would love to have
    those wonderfully-coloured chairs.

  • Hi Kate,
    There’s much so see at Cornerstone. Taking a bit of quiet time to walk through John’s meadow always tops my list. Thanks for stopping to comment, my Northern co-hort. Stay warm!

  • You are so lucky to be travelling and seeing those lovely gardens. Even the grasses are beautiful.

  • I must admit, going from garden to garden presents a wonderful way to spend one’s days. Can’t get enough! Thanks for stopping to comment.

  • Wow, love the layout, no dead space. great pics. jim