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Farewell to My Garden .. A New Chapter

2013 has arrived and I find myself celebrating the 4th Blogiversary of Bay Area Tendrils

…while saying goodbye to the garden I’ve tended for nearly 15 years.

Alice Joyce Garden Mosaic Path Photo © Alice Joyce

I embrace the change, despite the accompanying stress and challenges.

C. ‘Solfatare’ Photo © Alice Joyce

I’ll miss some of the beautiful specimens that take starring roles in my Northern California landscape, like the buttery blooms of Crocosmia ‘Solfatare’ that shine against the garden’s Moroccan Blue walls.

Anemone n. Robinsoniana – Among the first plants to bloom in early spring in Alice’s Garden.

Aristolochia californica Photo © Alice Joyce

Native specimens like the California Dutchman’s Pipevine – a spectacular plant that provides endless pleasures, putting on a surprising show, reblooming when I least expect it.

Blue throatwort: Photo © Alice Joyce

 Another favorite, Trachelium caeruleum – blue throatwort partners again with the blue wall.

I may be moving on, but my sweet garden will not be forgotten!

For a look back on my garden from its earliest days … Click Here.

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