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Seattle Area

Enchanting Garden Gallery of Little and Lewis

One of the most engaging garden settings you might hope to encounter:  Little and Lewis Garden Gallery

Turquoise Lotus (Photos Courtesy Little and Lewis)

Traveling in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle area? I recommend an enjoyable, short ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, where you’ll find the enchanting gardenscape created by Little and Lewis: Open by appointment

Little and Lewis Garden Gallery

Since my last visit, David and George have sold their original garden. It’s now been two years since they relocated from the exceptional garden created over an eighteen-year span, to begin agnew on the property next door. The new garden – pictured – sits on about a third of an acre in a residential neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, some 30 minutes from the dock in Seattle.

Little and Lewis Water Feature

Akin to the former setting, a lush exoticism characterizes the new garden. Dappled light plays over the garden’s tropical specimens, and strongly architectural plants adorning containers, grouped around a stone-paved courtyard. An 8 and 1/2 foot moss-covered rain tree creates a lyrical plashing of water, while a courtly old Japanese maple presides over the garden’s abundant sculptures placed throughout.

Little and Lewis : Bainbridge Island

Little and Lewis – New Garden

The entire garden exudes the atmosphere of the ancient sites that George and David are drawn to, yet except for the established trees, the garden is a mere 10 months old at this time.

Little and Lewis Garden Gallery – Bainbridge Island, Washington

George and David, partners in Little and Lewis, have collaborated on their unique, color-washed concrete sculptures and installations since 1992. They travel frequently to Mexico, absorbing the light, color and architecture that influences their work.

Their stunningly photogenic works of garden art and horticultural expertise has featured widely in books (you’ll find an entry in my guidebook:  Gardenwalks in the Pacific Northwest – Globe Pequot Press INSIDERS’ Guide) …and has been celebrated in magazines, as well as on television, including Martha Stewart Living and The Victory Garden.

You’ll find in-depth look at the art of Little and Lewis in their best selling, award-winning book: A Garden Gallery: The Plants and Hardscape of Little and Lewis (Timber Press Publisher):  A Garden Gallery.

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  • I have their book and love it. I didn’t know they had moved. I’m curious – did they take the plants from their former garden with them? Or was it left intact? I could be leaving my 18 year old garden to begin anew so this gives me hope.

  • Dear Alice, I admire the courage of this talented pair since it cannot be easy to start again after 18 years creating a previous garden. The new ‘gardenscape’ [ a term which I think accurately describes what has been created] looks remarkably established already. And, the Mexican influences of colour and form are most intriguing.

  • The garden is really something for a visit. Those leaflike art objects are awesome, very inviting and blends well to the plants. I am inviting you to visit our natural garden, though presented in an artificial setting. thanks.

  • Alice,
    This dynamic duo has a beautiful home in San Miguel Allende that is for rent.
    I think we , along with a few other artists should take some time for ourselves and enjoy
    a week down there !
    Thanks for the inspiring post .

  • Alice-
    Happened to see your post on LinkedIn. I thought that you might like to know that over the years George Little has bought many of the plants that he and David use from us here at Mesogeo…and that he sends all of their visitors to us after they finish the tour. We’re still open until October with ten display gardens, created by my garden designer wife Terri Stanley, on our grounds showcasing all of the plants that we grow.
    And, should you ever be in need of photos of their old place, I spent every summer from 2000 to 2007 shooting it
    for various articles and our own lectures on garden design.

  • extrodinary that this garden is only 10 months old…

  • Hi! I just found your blog from blotanical and I love it. Love the photos from Little and Lewis. The moss covered rain tree is so cool. I have never been up in that area of the country but if I ever do get there (and I hope I will one day) I will check this garden spot out. Thanks for a lovely post!