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Landscape Architecture

Farewell to My Garden .. A New Chapter

Alice Joyce Garden Mosaic Path Photo © Alice Joyce

2013 has arrived and I find myself celebrating the 4th Blogiversary of Bay Area Tendrils

…while saying goodbye to the garden I’ve tended for nearly 15 years.

Alice Joyce Garden Mosaic Path Photo © Alice Joyce

I embrace the change, despite the accompanying stress and challenges.

C. ‘Solfatare’ Photo © Alice Joyce

I’ll miss some of the beautiful specimens that take starring roles

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Landscape Architecture

Jack Chandler Garden Design at Cornerstone

New Garden Space Photo © Alice Joyce

New garden space unveiled at at Cornerstone Sonoma, designed by notable northern California wine country landscape architect, Jack Chandler. You enter the intimate confines of the garden by passing through a rear doorway of the flower and garden shop, Tesoro. Tesoro opened in September, moving from its long-time location in St. Helena. You might select a fresh bouquet of blooms, order flowers for an event, or spend time poring over the carefully selected ornaments and utilitarian objects filling the shelves — imprinted with the brilliant taste of owner and floral designer, Paul Stokey. A haven for shoppers, Tesoro features elements for the home together with outdoor garden items, on view in the crisply modern garden setting.

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Green Roofs/Vertical Gardens

Patrick Blanc: Vertical Gardens Update

Blanc Garden Drew Fall 2011 Photo © Alice Joyce

Since its installation in April, the expansive Drew School vertical garden has filled out beautifully. Gracing the new Sam Cuddeback Assembly Wing with California native species, the garden merited a “Wow… wow!” from its designer, artist/botanist Patrick Blanc, the inventor of the Green Wall as we have come to know it. An exciting revelation in Patrick’s talk: The world-class botanist specializing in tropical flora has had a new plant named for him. Patrick discovered Begonia blancii in Palawan, in the Philippine Islands.

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