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Villa Arvedi: Perfection in an Italian Landscape Garden

Departing Venice on a June morning, we drove on to Verona Province to take in the serene beauty of Villa Arvedi.  An opportunity had presented to tour with the elegant, dignified Signora who resides at the Villa. It is an understatement to say the renowned formal Italian landscape captured my heart and imagination. From the magnificent frescos adorning the interiors to the perfect layout of the parterres, memories of Villa Arvedi will remain with me forever.

Villa Arvedi Landscape Photo © Alice Joyce

The Villa’s historically resonant setting emerges in Cuzzano, Grezzana, where the Lessini mountains unfold in the distance. There is a grandeur to the property displayed in the meticulous maintenance of the gardens and impressive architecture: One never doubts the attentive concern of present-day owners, the Arvedi family.

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Villa Arvedi Gardens Photo © Alice Joyce

Villa Arvedi’s famed parterres demonstrate a highly regarded, refined design aesthetic.

Villa Arvedi Parterre Detail Photo © Alice Joyce

The delightfully engaging landscape invites visitors to stroll among the intricately shaped and clipped box parterres, the lawn bedecked with roses. The view is breathtaking from the terrace.

Villa Arvedi Trompe L'oeil Photo © Alice Joyce

Frescos painted by Ludovico Dorigny (1654-1742), Farinati, Fralezza and Santo Prunati adorn the Villa’s first floor and church. Stunning Trompe L’oeil scenes were rendered by  Francesco Bibiena.

Villa Arvedi Chapel Photo © Alice Joyce

In an interior courtyard, the beautiful Baroque chapel arises.

Villa Arvedi Statuary Photo © Alice Joyce

Statuary beckons at the gateway.

Villa Arvedi Roses Photo © Alice Joyce

Select garden tours include Villa Arvedi in their itinerary. Visit the web site to learn about special events at this brilliant historic estate in the Veneto, where travel in the region will be greatly enriched if you can arrange a visit.

Villa Arvedi Central View Photo © Alice Joyce

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2 comments to Villa Arvedi: Perfection in an Italian Landscape Garden

  • I’m a big fan of these formal gardens, wrote papers on a few at school. Love your third photo, Alice; it looks very much like a carpet. My imagination has peopled it with lords and ladies promenading in beautiful silks…

  • Lesley
    One of the amazing aspects is the history, knowing you’re walking in the footsteps of aristocrats from another time,
    those lords and ladies!
    I find the elegance so soothing, yet at the same time, the mind is engaged by the complexity of the design.