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Green Roofs/Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens Revisited

Athenaeum Hotel Wall Detail Blanc Design                 Photo © Alice Joyce

“There are no hummingbirds in Europe”  – Patrick Blanc

While in London this Spring I revisited the Vertical Garden created by Patrick Blanc for the Athenaeum Hotel, Piccadilly.

Last year when I photographed here, the garden had been installed about one year.

The growth was noticeably more lush since 12 months had passed.

                         Athenaeum Blanc Vertical Garden detail Photo © Alice Joyce

Below: Detail of Lamium in bloom, alongside hosta foliage.

During Patrick’s visit to San Francisco earlier this year, to herald the planting of his Vertical Garden for the new Drew School Samuel Cuddeback Assembly Wing building .. the artist/botanist’s sketch for the project was on display.

Patrick Blanc Green Wall Briefing Drew School Photo © Alice Joyce

The botanical names are drawn across the garden’s expanse, with each swath of plants revealing the pattern that will emerge at the garden grows.

In April, 2 months had passed since the San Francisco installation.

A variety of native plant species had begun to bloom, including strawberries.

Patrick talked to me about the importance of creating biodiversity in urban settings. I believe he was excited to have an opportunity to plant exclusively with natives in the temperate climate of San Francisco, while fostering a habitat for hummingbirds and other beneficial wildlife.

Photos © Alice Joyce

Lewisia species appeared to be thriving: Broadleaf lewisia

Photo © Alice Joyce

L. cotyledon – a perennial plant with fleshy leaves that form rosettes.

Blanc’s design mimics the growth habit of these plants, which are found in nature on cliffs and vertical outcrops.

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  • Terrific and timely views for me, Alice. I would dearly love following the progressions of plant growth in all these instances, wouldn’t you? I can see you’re keen on just that very thing, so I’ll stay attuned.