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Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Springtime  is a particularly lovely time of  year to tour the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Tucson Botanical Moorish Garden Photo © Alice Joyce

Located in the very heart of the city, the Gardens comprise an engaging layout of designed spaces where you’ll experience visual delights while taking in the enlightening educational aspects of each area. Near the Gardens Gift Shop you’ll encounter the Porter Patio Garden which surrounds the former home of Bernice and Rutger Porter. Look for mature specimens of olive, myrtle, pomegranate and citrus in this welcoming spot.

Tucson Botanical Patios Photo © Alice Joyce

After you’ve observed the fascinating Chrysalis Exhibit, and enjoyed the serene Zen Garden, you’ll be drawn toward the Sensory Patios, with their colorful architectural and auditory elements, melded with fragrant textural plantings to awaken all the senses.

Tucson Botanical Aloe Ferox Photo © Alice Joyce

As you might expect in a gardenscape located in the desert SouthWest, the Botanical Gardens have a mission to educate visitors to the need for responsible  water use. In this serene setting, you’ll see a host of demonstration gardens:  Blooming plants that thrive in Tucson are highlighted in the Wildflower Garden; a Shade Garden lends ideas for appropriate regional plant choices; the Backyard Bird Garden suggests ideas for attracting hummingbirds, cardinals and quail to local landscapes; an Iris Garden filled with bearded varieties blooms in April.

Tucson Botanical Gardens Photo © Alice Joyce

The Gardens are arranged amid inviting, meandering pathways where you’ll find yourself wanting to slow down and explore interesting vignettes emerging round each turn.

Tucson Botanical Sensory Fountain Photo © Alice Joyce

Fountains add to the ambiance as you stroll through the Sensory Patios….

Butterfly Magic Tucson Botanical Gardens Photo © Alice Joyce

Visit the Botanical Gardens from October through the end of April each year for entree to the ‘Butterfly Magic‘ exhibit: a tropical greenhouse pulsing with the activity of exotic butterflies that will take your breath away.

Tucson Botanical Gardens Cactus and Succulents Photo © Alice Joyce

Arrays of cacti and succulent species are arranged in a geographic layout to illustrate plants from desert regions worldwide. Notice the sculptural rocks and beautiful mineral specimens, adding to the beauty of the hardscaping.  Continuing the desert garden theme, water-savings ideas for the home are presented in the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden.  In a 5 & 1/2-acre landscape overall, the Botanical Gardens present an enticing destination for nature lovers planning a tour of Tucson.


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