Historic Gardens

Valencia, Spain .. Romantic Gardens

Valencia Viveros Photo © Alice Joyce

The old quarter of Valencia offers charming diversions for garden lovers: In contrast to the contemporary aspects of the Turia gardens, visitors bask in historic parks and flower-filled promenades.

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Landscape Architecture

Turia Gardens .. Valencia's Green Zone

Turia Gardens: Richardo Bofill Design / Photo © Alice  Joyce

The Turia Gardens project traces to 1957, when flood waters devastated the city’s historic district. To avoid another such deluge, the government diverted the Turia River, relocating the watercourse. Rather than turn the old river bed into a highway, as some suggested, the vast area became a public green zone, with renowned architect Ricardo Bofill assuming a primary role in the overall planning.

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Botanical Gardens

Botanic Garden, Valencia, Spain

Valencia Botanical Garden Photo © Alice Joyce

Valencia, Spain: A city of tantalizing contrasts! Stroll the vibrant town center amid ancient Roman ruins, and you may find yourself surprised by elements of 21st century garden artistry. There’s a newfound panache to Spain’s third largest city, located on the coast, 3 hours or so from Barcelona.

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