Worth Garden: A Paradise in Mill Valley

Worth Garden /Silver leaves and Steps Photo © Alice Joyce

Artist/Photographer Don Worth created a paradise garden in Mill Valley, California. Soon you’ll have a rare opportunity to experience the garden’s tropical splendor on Saturday, June 16th, 2012 when The Garden Conservancy Open Days Program allows visitors access to this beguiling landscape. In 1964 Worth bought the property in Mill Valley and began to work on a garden. When I walked through the landscape with Don in 2004, he remembered thinking of all the photographs he would take. “It became a laboratory for me,” he said, “… a never-ending source of subject matter.” Don passed away recently, but his garden remains a testament to a stunning artistic vision. You’d never know this setting had been overgrown with poison oak, French broom, wild blackberries and as Don told me, “more different kinds of weeds than one can imagine.”

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Landscape Architecture

Open Days: America's Gardens

Entrée to Private American Gardens: Even though it’s too early to purchase a new directory to see listings of the private and public gardens in the U.S. that will be participating in next year, the holiday season has me in the mood to trumpet the Open Days Program for 2011. Bookmark the link, so you can order a 2011 directory as soon they begin taking orders, and put the Open Days in your area on your calendar!

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