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Majorelle Garden .. Jardin Majorelle

Majorelle Garden Yellow Planter .. Striking Play of Shadows

Magical Morocco, a country where magnificent landscapes unfold. Cities rich with history and culture beckon travelers, while expats from the far corners are lured to put down roots. And in Marrakech… garden lovers discover the world renowned Jardin Majorelle.

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Villa Arvedi: Perfection in an Italian Landscape Garden

Villa Arvedi Parterre Detail Photo © Alice Joyce

Departing Venice on a June morning, we drove on to Verona Province to take in the serene beauty of Villa Arvedi. An opportunity had presented to tour with the elegant, dignified Signora who resides at the Villa. It is an understatement to say the renowned formal Italian landscape captured my heart and imagination. From the magnificent frescos adorning the interiors to perfect layout of the parterres, memories of Villa Arvedi will remain with me forever.

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Valsanzibio .. A Baroque Dream

Valsanzibio Rainbow Fountain Putto  Photo © Alice Joyce

My Italian sojourn took advantage of the accommodating guidance and transport provided by ‘The Other Side of Venice – Veneto Tours,’ with Miriam at the helm. We departed Venice early one morning for a day trip to the beautiful countryside of the Veneto, southwest of Padova. The destination: a dream-like Baroque masterpiece, VALSANZIBIO, with a magnificent landscape that can be traced back to 1669 and the Venetian aristocrat, Zuane Francesco Barbarigo – the breathtaking layout created by none other than the Vatican architect, Bernini.

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