Bloomsbury Murals: Sussex

Berwick Church mural by Angelica Bell Photo © Alice Joyce

In the breathtaking Sussex countryside of the South Downs, Berwick Church is a must-see destination for all travelers who are interested in the artists and writers associated with the Bloomsbury Group. The church’s clear glass windows replaced the Victorian windows destroyed by bombs during World War II. Verdant floral arrangements are installed throughout the church during the Springtime’s Light of Light Flower Festival. A forward-thinking Bishop with an appreciation for the Arts chose to commission the 20th century murals that adorn the church, hiring British artist Duncan Grant, together with Vanessa Bell (Virginia Woolf’s sister), and her son, Quentin Bell. Below: The original pulpit panels painted by Vanessa Bell were vandalized in 1962. Daughter Angelica Bell designed the replacement artwork.

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Culinary Gardens

Horizontal Meets Vertical: B&Q Edible Garden - Chelsea 2011

Chelsea B&Q Garden near and far Photo © Alice Joyce

An ambitious design emphasizing edible gardening and sustainability set apart the B&Q Garden at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. Designed by Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins and winner of Gold, the garden boasted the tallest form to appear at Chelsea: A 27-foot high tower representing one of the garden’s 5 demonstration zones, with plants comprising edible selections – either entirely so, or species chosen for their edible stems, roots, leafs, buds or fruit.

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The Australian Garden: Chelsea 2011

Australian Garden: Chelsea 2011 Photo © Alice Joyce

The Australian Garden for Chelsea 2011: Inspired by the celebrated Australian Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbroune, the design illustrates the importance of water traveling from the parched outback region on a journey through rivers and gorges to Australia’s East Coast. An evocative wall element effectively conjures up images of burnt ochre sand dunes. Design developed by Melbourne-based Jim Fogarty.

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