Botanical Gardens

U.C. Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Babiana ringens - So. Africa baboon flower Photo: Paul Licht

A fetching array of drought-resistant species are planted in the Entry Garden at the …

UCBG Berkeley Entry Structure by Marisha Farnsworth Photo © Alice Joyce

University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Currently on view is an inviting structure created by Marisha Farnsworth and her students from Merritt College’s Natural Building Class. The cloth textile ties are remnants provided by designer, Sasha Duerr.


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Botanical Gardens

Valley of the Moon: Quarryhill Botanical Garden

Autumn - Quarryhill Botanical Garden (Photo: Christine Walker)

A botanical profusion of rare and endangered Asian species thrives in the naturalistic setting of Quarryhill Botanical Garden near Glen Ellen, in Northern California wine country. Continuing all through spring, summer and into the fall, collections of lilies from China and Japan offer colorful effects and scented displays at Quarryhill, located squarely within Sonoma County’s bucolic Valley of the Moon, where it spans some 60 acres. One-third of the terrain currently supports a unique woodland environment devoted to collections of plants from the temperate regions of China, Japan and the Himalayas. With more than 90 percent of the flora grown from wild-collected, scientifically documented seed, the collections have proven to be significant in North America.

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Botanical Gardens

Vancouver Gem .. VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Laburnum Walk

A city energized by cultural diversity, Vancouver is a superb destination in every way. VanDusen Botanical Garden – one of the city’s gems – is a hilly 55-acre setting located at 5251 Oak Street. Month by month the landscape turns heads as Himalayan blue poppies progress to a sea of wildflowers blanketing meadows followed by fiery fall color. The Spring season provides eye-catching swathes of narcissi, advancing to a pathway replete with rhododendrons and scented azaleas, and famed Laburnum Walk.

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