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Historic Gardens

Springtime Travel: Wisteria Bedecked Gardens

Lavish displays of Wisteria are one of the joys of Springtime garden sojourns.

Iford Manor draped in Wisteria: Peto Garden Photo © Alice Joyce

The magnificent architecture and historic landscape of the Harold Peto garden at Iford Manor is literally draped in the cascading, fragrant blooms in May.

Iford Garden Wisteria and Fountain Photo © Alice Joyce

Link to an earlier post, where I reveled in the artistic landscape of Iford Manor: The Harold Peto Garden

Hestercombe Wisteria Archway Photo © Alice Joyce

The historical importance of the gardens and the landscape architecture of Hestercombe must surely be on the bucket list of anyone who appreciates the exceptional Arts & Crafts style. At Hestercombe you’ll marvel at the teamwork of doyenne Gertrude Jekyll and master architecture, Edwin Lutyens.

Kensington Roof Gardens Wisteria Photo © Alice Joyce

A fabulous spot in London: After a delectable meal at Sir Richard Branson’s

Babylon restaurant… be sure to stroll the intimate roof gardens.

Monks House Wisteria Photo © Alice Joyce

My pilgrimage to Bloomsbury author, Virginia Woolf’s Monk’s House is among my most memorable garden visits in the English countryside.  Read more about this beautiful National Trust property that sparkles in Springtime…

4 comments to Springtime Travel: Wisteria Bedecked Gardens

  • Bom

    Now that is a lot of Wisteria. Its color is a wonderful contrast to the foliage.

  • I agree, a well tended wisteria is a sight to behold. The only time I ever tried to grow one though, I had a difficult time keeping it under control. It was like having an unruly teenager running rampant through the garden. They are gorgeous in bloom though, I often covet the one growing over our neighbor’s fence in the spring.

  • Belated greetings, CVF,
    I have seen wisteria planted in the most inappropriate places and ways. Including tiny little supports.
    A vine that demands the gardener think before planting, for sure!!

  • Bom,
    I wonder if you can grow wisteria in your climate?