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Rosé Wine Tasting in Provence

The Adventure! Journeying in the South of France, exploring Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and Châteauneuf-du-Pape to savor fine wines. To begin, not far from Avignon, the charming village of Tavel is known for a host of wineries that produce many of the world’s finest Rosés. Yes, I do appreciate the delicacy of a lovely glass of Rosé to accompany a gastronomic delight enjoyed on a cafe patio on a Summer’s day in France, basking in the brilliant blue skies.

Tavel is known for the production of Rosé wine exclusively.

Rounded and full bodied, with a complex aroma and fruity finish, a tasting highlight of my tour of Tavel’s wineries showed off the sophistication of the Tavel Appellation in the Rhône valley , the region’s terroir that contributes to the quality of the Rosé: The hand-harvested selection I happened upon at Domaine de la Mordorée was their cuvée Dame Rousse 2012. A highly recommended wine befitting a range of foods from pastas to grilled meats and Asian dishes.

Domaine de la Mordorée © Alice Joyce

The winery is known also for delectable vintages of reds and whites under the Lirac Appellation. I found the hospitality of the winery readily available while staying in a local Bed & Breakfast, Chambres des Vincents, walking distance from tasting rooms in the village, and a short stroll over to Domaine de la Mordorée to partake in tastings.

Lovely to visit during the harvest season, when there’s a buzz of activity along the winding roads in town.

I found the stonework in Tavel to be a revelation, exemplified in the community Potager, where dry stone walls embrace the planting beds, and give magnificent form to the everyday landscape one passes while walking in town.

Tavel Potager Workers' Gardens © Alice Joyce

These gardens are vibrant reminders of the availability of fresh vegetables in home cooking and featured in the local restaurants.

Mid-day meal at Le Physalis Restaurant ~ Tavel, France

Gambas © Alice Joyce

One of many feasts partaken at this wonderful spot, where Chef Stéphane Camus works his magic.

Provence Vista © Alice Joyce

Next stop ~  Châteauneuf-du-Pape

LeVerger sign © Alice Joyce

Le Verger des Papes


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  • Oh I am just a tiny bit jealous ;) Hope you are thoroughly enjoying every single moment and every single drop of fine wine. I just love France – beautiful photos xxx

  • Richard Turner

    I’ve recently learned to love a good rosé. Wish I were there with you exploring their territory. Be sure to visit Uzes, one of our favorite, somewhat modernized small towns in the Languedoc.

  • Hey Dick,
    I did, in fact, spend time in Uzes, a village I very much enjoy!

  • Thanks, Carrie,
    you’re a sweetheart!