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Landscape Architecture

Rancho La Puerta - A stunning setting for a Spa

Rancho La Puerta : The setting … simply stunning.

Rancho La Puerta Sunset Photo © Alice Joyce

It’s true, guests are served divine meals with a Mediterranean flair during a stay at Rancho La Puerta. Certainly the full schedule of classes and presentations offers an opportunity to arrive a peaceful center after enjoying one perfect day after another. Finding balance might begin with an early-morning hike, and breakfast at the Rancho’s cooking school, La Cocina que Canta. That invigorating experience may be followed with a yoga or tai chi session; perhaps an art workshop or an informative lecture about sleep after dinner.

RLP Dining Terrace Fountain detail Photo © Alice Joyce

The beauty of the landscape itself can be transformative. Majestic evergreen live oaks offer shade and shelter throughout the Rancho’s gardens, while succulents such as cacti and aloes, native and Mediterranean species, and drought-tolerant flowering perennials and shrubs add beautiful punctuation to the terrain’s natural rock formations.

RLP cart and cacti Vignette Photo © Alice Joyce

And then there is the birdsong…

enlivening every pathway, patio, and passageway during daylight hours. Art emerges at every turn, from mosaics & metalwork to stained glass embellishments:

RLP Entryway Ironwork Gate Photo © Alice Joyce

An exceptional collection of bronze sculptures appears amid grassy clearings, or as focal points all round the property: Works by Mexican artist, Víctor Hugo Castañeda.

RLP hardscape bench Photo © Alice Joyce

Rancho La Puerta Stonework Bench Photo © Alice Joyce

Rancho La Puerta Cookbooks on Amazon

The presence of Mount Kuchumaa – “the exalted high place” of the Kumeyaay Indians – has remained with me since returning home, leaving me with a sense of nourishment and fortitude. Whether one is inclined toward spiritual pursuits or not, I would guess that the scenery’s powerful energy is felt by all who have walked the Rancho’s pathways over the course of a week. The stunning setting has that effect on people.

The Kitchen That Sings!

La Cocina que Canta Photo © Alice Joyce

5 comments to Rancho La Puerta – Stunning Spa Destination

  • Your previous posts made it look like Rancho La Puerta would be a special place. Your photos make it look like it lived up to expectations. Great place, great location.

  • Dear Alice, Once again I am struck with this amazing place and wonder how you discovered it in the first place. There seems to be so much there from spa to cookery school, surely something for everyone. The situation, with such stunning countryside all around, is truly memorable.

  • What a beautiful place – the gardens and the birdsong would be enough for me even without all the other offerings!

  • I don’t think I can say it better than you already did…stunning!

  • James,
    The RLP landscape exceeded my expectations.

    Although Rancho La Puerta has a reputation based on a 70 year-history, my sense of discovery felt boundless.

    Perhaps one day you will visit RLP in Tecate, and I will find a way to tour Victoria, and at the least, Australia’s East Coast.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment.