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Historical to Contemporary: Must-See Destinations

Memories gathered from our travels continue to give pleasure long after we’ve returned home.

Hadrian's Villa Photo © Alice Joyce

In looking back on my sojourns, I enjoy dwelling upon landscapes that captured my imagination, settings that remain in my mind’s-eye as vivid impressions, continuing to enrich my days.

As 2011 draws to a close, I’m looking back on historical sights, and also iconic contemporary settings that I highly recommend when planning travel. Are you going to visit Italy? Hadrian’s Villa…

Bomarzo: Neptune Photo © Alice Joyce

and the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo offer unforgettable experiences where you might imagine dwelling for a time in another era.           Read more about Italian Gardens on Amazon…

Keller Fountain Photo © Copyright Alice Joyce

Portland is one of the most vibrant, inviting cities in the U.S., and the Ira Keller Fountain should not be missed. The iconic contemporary design of the park’s landscape and fountain is included in the book,

1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die.

Dombeya cayeuxii Photo © Alice Joyce

The Adamson House in Malibu, California offers immersion in an important period of Americana: The Historic Malibu Potteries. And it’s here, if you time your visit accordingly, that you’ll see the magnificent blooms of Dombeya cayeuxii!

Kensington Roof Gardens Photo Copyright © Alice Joyce

A hidden gem to seek out when your travels take you to London: The Kensington Roof Gardens will surprise and delight!

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  • Hi Alice, wonderful photos you’ve got, I would have loved to visit Italy and seen the gardens there. I have seen many programs on TV about the amazing gardens in Italy and how they influenced gardeners all over the world. But we have lots of nice gardens in London too, Kew Gardens used to be a place I visitied about once a month and I have published a book with my photos from there. I no longer travel around, but have many fond memories from my trips around London. Happy Holidays to you too!