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Marc Nucera .. Tree Sculptor

Should you be traveling in France in the weeks ahead, you may wish to include a visit to the exhibit, D’après Nature at Galerie Deleuze-Rochetin À Arpaillargues in your itinerary.

Galerie Deleuze-Rochetin: 'D'apres Nature'

For readers of this site, you may recognize the name of land artist and tree sculptor, Marc Nucera.

The art of Marc Nucera has been one of the most popular features to appear on Alice’s Garden Travel Buzz.

Marc Nucera .. 'Listening To Trees'

Look for updates on Marc’s work to follow.

2 comments to Marc Nucera .. Tree Sculptor: D’après Nature

  • This looks like a really great book Alice. Thanks for the tip.
    I hope this book heightens the level of interest, appreciation and knowledge of pruning and green sculpting techniques.
    There been a lot of dumbing down for the sake of smarmy jokes , ie, ‘Crimes against Horticulture’, that has been more hurtful and stupid than educational towards acknowledging the art of green horti-sculpture.

  • Bom

    This looks wonderful. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into creating art such as these and how to find the trees to begin with.