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Majorelle Garden

Magical Morocco, a country where magnificent landscapes unfold. Cities rich with history and culture beckon travelers, while expats from the far corners are lured to put down roots. And in Marrakech… garden lovers discover the world renowned Jardin Majorelle.

Majorelle Garden Main Building

Majorelle Garden Main Building   © Alice Joyce

Now under the auspices of Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, the main building houses an exquisite collection of Berber art and artifacts.

Restored in 1980 by Saint Laurent and Bergé, the garden’s lush plantings and visually stunning layout and structures are deserving of a lengthy visit, while the Berber Museum is filled with entrancing displays.

Jardin Majorelle Pavilion © Alice Joyce

Jardin Majorelle Pavilion © Alice Joyce

The setting boasts a panoply of color used to full effect, where a blending of Islamic and Art Deco architecture and elements arise.

Jardin Majorelle Central Pool & Fountain © Alice Joyce

Jardin Majorelle Central Pool & Fountain © Alice Joyce

Bamboo groves, countless species of mature cacti and arrays of rare euphorbias are among the treasure trove of flora.

Majorelle Garden Yellow Planter .. Striking Play of Shadows

Majorelle Yellow Planter ..  Play of Shadows © Alice Joyce


Jardin Majorelle Tiled Steps

Jardin Majorelle … Tiled Steps © Alice Joyce

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