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Landscape Architecture

Jack Chandler Design: Cornerstone Sonoma

New garden space unveiled…

New Garden Space Photo © Alice Joyce

at Cornerstone Sonoma, designed by notable northern California wine country landscape architect, Jack Chandler. Enter the intimate confines of the garden by passing through a rear doorway of the flower and garden shop, Tesoro.

Tesoro at Cornerstone photo © Alice Joyce

Tesoro opened here in September, moving from its long-time location in St. Helena. You might select a fresh bouquet of blooms, order flowers for an event, or spend time poring over the carefully selected ornaments and utilitarian objects filling the shelves — imprinted with the brilliant taste of owner and floral designer, Paul Stokey. A haven for shoppers, Tesoro features elements for the home together with outdoor garden items, on view in the crisply modern garden setting.

Cornerstone/ Jack Chandler Design Photo © Alice Joyce

Design ..

Chandler fountain Photo © Alice Joyce

The Chandler-designed fountains have a cool, even stark quality, yet their repetition creates a sense of harmony as the eyes drift across the garden’s boundary. Plantings were freshly installed when I photographed, but you’ll notice the photo below reveals a hedge that helps to define the space. Grasses and herbs will fill in to soften the lines of the garden’s overall angularity.

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Jack Chandler Design: Photo © Alice Joyce

2 comments to Jack Chandler Designs a Garden for Cornerstone

  • I enjoyed this outdoor courtyard space very much. There is a lot of enhanced value / detail in this space .
    The florist shop is very nice too. I hope they make the most of this tableau vivant that Mr. Chandler so brilliantly designed.

  • Thanks for adding to the dialogue, Michelle. I admire your design sense, not to mention your talent.