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Farm to Table Flavorful! Thomas Hill Organics

It’s the rare occasion when a meal surpasses expectations in every way…

but my lunch at Thomas Hill Organics qualifies. The dishes were so memorable, that I returned the next evening for dinner.

The owners’ discerning taste extends to the bistro’s graphic design sensibility, like the pop of this pear mural!

The ambiance of the covered dining patio is a relaxed and inviting space.

The Wine Wrangler, Coy Barnes provided my introduction to the eatery presided over by Joe and Debbie Thomas  – with a menu based on the fresh organic produce grown on their Paso Robles farm. Coy put together an itinerary that called for a satisfying mid-day meal between our morning and afternoon winery visits.

A confident, flavorful melding of ingredients emerged in each outstanding dish.
Sea Bass with watermelon and Heirloom Tomatoes: The flaky texture of the fish .. complemented by the bright zest of the fruit.

Seared Local Ahi Tacos, Ancho Chile Puree, Foie Gras Compound Butter, Watermelon Salsa, Green Onion

The rich melange of foie gras/butter enhanced the presentation of local Ahi tuna, balanced in turn, by the lighter note provided by the salsa.

Duck Satay with peanut sauce and green onions: I’m drawn to Duck on any menu, but it’s a dish that can make or break a dining experience. The bistro’s delectable rendition of duck satay did not disappoint.

Vietnamese BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich with Carrot Sambal, Jalapeno, Red Onions, Cilantro, Avocado & Aioli – It’s a fact, I’ve never before eaten Pork Belly. The surprising succulence of the meat, along with a complexity of flavors – cilantro providing a unique, inimitable dimension – had me swooning.

Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate nibs: The divine, mouth-watering dessert completed the savory menu selections we sampled.                                   More …Paso Robles Prospects

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