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Eerie Vision: The Salton Sea

After leaving Palm Springs…

Palm Springs Sunset Photo © Alice Joyce

My desert sojourn to Anza-Borrego State Park followed a route along California State Highway 86, to enter the park and the town of Borrego Springs from the  eastern entrance.

Salton Sea Blue Sky Photo © Alice Joyce

The drive along Hwy. 86 runs nearly parallel to the western edge of the Salton Sea in the Imperial Valley, past Desert Shores and Salton Sea Beach; desolate towns that time seems to have passed by.

Salton Sea Photo © Alice Joyce

A State Recreation Area, the Salton Sea SRA Parks web site lists budget constraints as the reason for the closing until further notice of Bombay Beach and other areas located on the opposite side, where Hwy. 111 runs along a stretch of parkland. A unique inland body of water some 200 feet below sea level, the strangely eerie Salton Sea resulted from massive flooding of the Colorado River more than 100 years ago.

Salton Sea - Photo: wikispaces

Photos show what I believe to be the Chocolate Mountains in the distance. I chose not to photograph the wasteland where we parked the car to walk down to the shore — decrepit buildings at the end of the road in a landscape strewn with trash.


A setting as surreal as the sea itself. For a history of the Salton Sea, visit the Salton Sea Museum web site.

Read more… the next stop on my desert sojourn.

2 comments to Eerie Vision: The Salton Sea

  • So many pubic parks and recreation areas are closing all across the country. What a shame.

  • Bom

    It is sad when parks close down. Maybe it is good that you did not take your “wasteland” photos. Might have made things sadder. It must have been a fantastic place in its prime, with so many people attending the races and vacationing.

    BTW, you have your chocolate mountain, here we have chocolate hills.