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California Wine Country

DeLoach Pinot Noir & Chardonnay .. Organic / Biodynamic

DeLoach Organic Culinary Garden

Photo © Alice Joyce

Our Locavore lunch began with a beautiful table setting…

DeLoach Locavore Lunch Photo © Alice Joyce

Hospitality in the French style .. memorable!

DeLoach Vinyard’s Jean-Charles Boisset

Photos © Alice Joyce

Light rain could not dampen the delights of a DeLoach Vineyards tour, wine tasting & locavore lunch, in the company of our host, President Jean-Charles Boisset.

DeLoach Vineyards Insectary Photo © Alice Joyce

The DeLoach property — on Olivet Road in Santa Rosa — boasts organic culinary gardens that reflect the quality and commitment of the vineyard to organically-grown Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cloned grapes: Farming practices that have earned DeLoach CCOF certification.

Organic viticulture is integrated with the biodynamic farming employed not only at DeLoach, but among the Maisons & Domaines of the Boisset Family of wineries, reaching from California to France, Italy to Québec. (In 2009 the DeLoach estate vineyards received biodynamic certification from Demeter.)

DeLoach - Repurposed Wood for Redesign Photo © Alice Joyce

NAPA / SONOMA Wine Country Guides …

DeLoach Vineyards Garden Fountain Photo © Alice Joyce

One comes away from a visit to DeLoach with the awareness of an overall governing philosophy of sustainability.

DeLoach Winery: Biodynamic Gardens © Alice Joyce

Working with Quantum Builders during the estate’s remodel a few years ago, there were doors, windows and tiles repurposed, while reclaimed wood from old wine vats found new life as handsome cabinets for the interior.

Our tasting included a select vineyard-designated Chardonnay: Rich and flavorful…

and a Hawk Hill Pinot Noir from Maboroshi vineyards – both grown in the loamy soils of the Russian River Valley.

DeLoach Chardonnay Hawk Hill Vineyard Photo © Alice Joyce

DeLoach Wine Tasting

Hawk Hill Vineyard Soil Sample DeLoach Photo © Alice Joyce

DeLoach Wine Tasting Photo © Alice Joyce

 Another DeLoach standout: a Mendocino County biodynamically farmed Pinot Noir designate from the Masut Vineyard, a lovely clean, full-bodied wine with savory notes of cherry and spice.

DeLoach Vineyards Vista, Sonoma (Alice Joyce photo)

The 2006 Masut vintage received accolades for its subtle yet complex melding of cherry, currant, raspberry and chocolate flavors, with a lingering oaky vanilla finish. The appellation-designated 2007 DeLoach Russian River Valley Pinot Noir won praise as One of the Year’s Best from Wine & Spirits.

DeLoach Vineyards Gardens Photo © Alice Joyce

DeLoach Vineyards Organic Garden (Alice Joyce photo)

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