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Landscape Architecture

Darioush Winery .. Napa Valley

Darioush Winery: Architects, Nozari & Nojari, Santa Monica
Landscape Design: Sabrina Tanner, Proscape Napa

Darioush vignette Antique Olive Jar Photo © Alice Joyce

Antique Tunisian olive jars nestle among richly scented roses. The assertive forms of the jars are eye-catching focal points in planting beds at the front of the main building.

Darioush Entrance Photo © Alice Joyce

The Darioush Winery gardenscape surrounds a 22,000 square foot winery building, in a setting that celebrates Persian culture in myriad references to Persepolis.

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Darioush Amphitheater .. Photo © Alice Joyce

Washingtonia robusta palms are paired with Pampas Grass to adorn the Darioush Amphitheatre.

The ornate symmetry of the architecture and the estate’s myriad artistic details demonstrate a joyful celebration of owners, Darioush and Shahpar Khaledis’ Persian heritage. Welcoming cast stone seating at the entrance offers a place for visitors to take in the scenery before entering the visitor center.

Darioush Photo © Alice Joyce

Wine lovers enjoy tasting the Bordeaux-style wines.  Recently the 2007 Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon featured among the QRW Best of the Best in the Annual Blind Tasting. The winery’s delectable Cabs are wines to be savored.

Below: At the lawn’s edge roses consort with daylilies, flowering plums & cannas native to Persia. Tall, narrow evergreen Thuja were planted to echo the archictectural columns.

Darioush Winery Vista Photo © Alice Joyce

Organic farming methods are employed in the gardens, where natural fertilizers made from sea kelp are used. Plants are selected for their ability to withstand the Napa Valley’s extreme temperature variations, with winter lows that reach 20 degrees to summer highs of 110 degrees.

Darioush Lorepetalum and Roses Border Photo © Alice Joyce

Lorepetalum and roses in borders surrounding one the winery’s water gardens. Dwarf Magnolias stand sentry at the front lawn. Looking toward the vineyards, a color palette of purple and burgundy catches the eye. Across the winery’s facade,  you’ll see plants arranged to complement the building’s honey-colored imported Persian Straw Travertine. Apricot, orange and cinnabar with a bit of blue here and there are prominent colors in a scheme composed of roses, succulents, lambs ears, Jerusalem sage, and Yucca specimens.   Visit ….

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