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Chicago Late-Summer Tour

A visit to Chicago rarely disappoints, with so much going on year-round.

Cleome – Millennium Park Pritzker Pavilion                  Photo © Alice Joyce

While the neighborhoods teem with great restaurant choices and cultural activities, the downtown area is an open-air museum, landscaped to look stunning at any time. I find it especially enticing Spring through Fall, when the gardens are incredibly lush.

I’ve featured thecity’s green highlights, art and landscape architecture  here in the past.

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BP Bridge Gehry Design Photo © Alice Joyce

I haven’t previously featured Millennium Park’s BP Bridge. Designed along with the park’s Pritzker Pavilion by architect Frank Gehry, the bridge represents a fabulous feat of engineering in a lyrically engaging form. I expect the bridge will leave its contemporary mark on Chicago, standing up handsomely over time.

Modern Landscape Architecture on Amazon

The Modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago encompasses a small-space gem in the Prtizker Garden. The design’s refined simplicity is refreshing.

AIC Pritzker Garden E. Kelly’s White Curve Photo © Alice Joyce

Contemporary Landscape Design…

Artist Ellsworth Kelly’s site-specific art work: White Curve

AIC Pritzker Garden ‘White Curve’ Photo © Alice Joyce

Chicago AIC Pritzker Garden [Photo © Alice Joyce

The artist Pae White created a colorful, temporary installation:  Restless Rainbow … It was being taken down the day I visited. I had planned to walk along the Nichols Bridgeway from the Lurie Garden to the upper terrace of the AIC’s Modern Wing designed by Renzo Piano. Although the terrace was closed off, I had still had a great view of the artwork from the bridgeway expanse.

Restless Rainbow Pae White [photo © Alice Joyce]

Barcelona artist, Jaume Plensa’s Crown Fountain has ever-changing displays that captivate and delight.

Chicago Crown Fountain Artist Jaume Plensa        Photo © Alice Joyce

The Lurie Garden plantings created by Piet Oudolf complement Kathryn Gustafson’s cool and orderly landscape design.  A happy habitat for wildlife, the garden continues to mature as it increases in beauty.

Solidago ‘Fireworks’ Photo © Alice Joyce

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