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Chelsea Flower Show 2011: Kevock Garden Plants

Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Having returned late yesterday from traveling in England – a trip that revolved around attendance at the Chelsea Flower Show’s Press Day, I lead off my first report, not with a controversial show garden, but rather, by offering a rare example of a heart-stopping moment: Certain to shine brightly in the constellation of countless garden sojourns.

Kevock Meconopsis punicea Photo © Alice Joyce

Perhaps it goes without saying: Moments of pure magic are few and far between.

Meconopsis punicea Photo © Alice Joyce

Certainly I was totally unprepared for the experience, which took place while roaming The Great Pavilion, hallowed site of much oohing and aahing over horticultural displays put together with impressive finesse in tandem with a keen, even lustful appreciation for plants from every corner of the garden realm.

And so, walking along past the Kevock Garden Plants display I stopped in my tracks at the sight of Meconopsis punicea, an alpine species grown in Scotland by Stella and David Rankin.

Kevock Garden Plants: Rare plants from around the World

Visit their web site: You’ll enjoy reading the story of the Rankins’ garden, plant nursery, and architecturally significant Modernist home. Look for photos of the garden along with details on ‘garden open’ visits through Scotland’s Garden Scheme.

Although it’s not likely you’ll find me traveling to wild high-altitude mountain environments, nor will I be able to cultivate such delicate beauties in my garden’s Mediterranean habitat, I have been enraptured by my encounter with this small-in-stature poppy. Akin to a memorable encounter with the heavenly blue poppy – Meconopsis grandis – at Portland’s Berry Botanic Garden, which has now, sadly, closed.

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