Thank you .. ‘Dirt du Jour’

for the glowing review! "Go ask Alice ... where all the best vineyard gardens are. She's an erudite charmer; you'll have fun!"

Seattle Area

Enchanting! Garden Gallery of Little and Lewis

Turquoise Lotus (Photos Courtesy Little and Lewis)

Traveling in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle area? I recommend an enjoyable, short ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, where you’ll find the enchanting gardens created by Little and Lewis. Note: Open by appointment. A lush exoticism characterizes the new garden, akin to the former setting created over an eighteen-year span. Dappled light plays over the garden’s tropical specimens and strongly architectural plants in containers, grouped around a stone-paved courtyard.

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Seattle Area

Sensory Feast .. Sequim Lavender Festival

The city of Sequim (pronounced S’kwim) boasts the title of the Lavender Capital of North America, with a growers association encompassing an organization of farmers who specialize in the fragrant herb. Farm tours and a Street Fair are highlights during the festival’s 3 days, when visitors can wallow in perfumed gardens, amid an atmospheric haze of blooming lavender varieties scenting the air. And on Sunday, culinary demonstrations by local chefs will take place at each of the Farms on Tour.

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