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Springtime Travel: Wisteria Bedecked Gardens

Monks House  Wisteria  Photo © Alice Joyce

Lavish displays of Wisteria are one of the joys of Springtime garden sojourns in the United Kingdom. From London to the countryside, you can revel in lavish displays of fragrant, cascading wisteria.

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Looking Back: Gardens, Fountains, Brilliant Blooms

Kensington Roof Gardens: Rill Photo © Alice Joyce

Memories gathered from our travels continue to give pleasure long after we’ve returned home. In looking back on my sojourns, I enjoy dwelling upon landscapes that captured my imagination, settings that remain in my mind’s-eye as vivid impressions, continuing to enrich my days. As 2011 draws to a close, I’m looking back on historical sights, and also iconic contemporary settings that I highly recommend when planning travel.

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Historic Gardens

Hidden Gardens of Spain: Book Review

Hidden Gardens of Spain by Eduardo Mencos

2011 Paperback Edition : Published by Frances Lincoln Ltd

Hidden Gardens of Spain by Eduardo Mencos

When I’m not galivanting about, I pursue armchair travel with an unwavering zeal. There’s much of Spain I’ve yet to see. Yet now, after spending evenings curled up in my favorite wing chair with a new paperback edition of Hidden Gardens of Spain, I’ve had

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