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Botanical Gardens

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers: Glorious, Historic Greenhouse

Potted Plants Gallery © Alice Joyce

A detailed restoration true to the roots of its historic architecture sets apart the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, a glorious structure standing as the country’s oldest public glass and wood greenhouse. You’ll doubtless find it easy to spend hours roaming through the Lowland Tropics and Highland Tropics rooms teeming with rarities both towering and tiny. Tropical specimens in the moist environs of the lowland gallery include a 100 year-old philodendron and ‘economic’ plants

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Botanical Gardens

André Heller Botanic Garden: Lago di Garda

Haring Sculpture Andre Heller Garden Photo © Alice Joyce

Touring the towns and villages of Lago di Garda will fill your days and nights with wondrous views and vistas. I choose to stay in Bardolino, on the eastern side of the lake, traveling by bus, ferry, and foot path to explore Lake Garda’s delightful towns and villages. Gardone Riviera is one of the beautiful towns situated on the lake’s western edge. Here, you’ll discover the fascinating landscape of Giardino Botanico André Heller, where in decades past, Dr. Arthur Hruska nurtured a botanical setting featuring streams and sweet, small lakes to complement the rich plantings. In 1988 the multimedia artist André Heller became owner of the villa property, “protector and ally” in Heller’s words. Today, Fondazione André Heller oversees the lush gardens, boasting art installations and elements of surprise at every turn.

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Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Moorish Garden Photo © Alice Joyce

Springtime is a particularly lovely time of year to tour the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Located in the very heart of the city, the Gardens comprise an engaging layout of specially designed spaces where you’ll experience visual delights while taking in the enlightening educational aspects of each area. Near the Gardens Gift Shop you’ll encounter the Porter Patio Garden which surrounds the former home of Bernice and Rutger Porter. Look for mature specimens of olive, myrtle, pomegranate and citrus in this welcoming spot.

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