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Andy Cao: Red Lantern at Cornerstone Sonoma

Having reinvented his design of the Lullaby Garden, which is now

an ethereal environment – Bai Yun : White Cloud

Andy Cao of Cao Perrot Studio adds a new installation, soon to be unveiled at Cornerstone Sonoma

Red Lantern Crystals © Alice Joyce

In the installation, Red Lantern – the lantern element features a crackle glaze with an eggshell-lacquer finish. A gravel surround outlines a pond where a reflection of the lantern’s form is captured along with the sparkle of red crystals and floral filigree of wirework.  As in all of Cao’s site-specific works, personal reminiscences meld with the cultural to evoke multi-layered references and sensory responses.

The theme of the work pays homage to Chinese migrant workers who toiled while building the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1800s, with linear forms jutting out of the pond to evoke images of chopsticks. The wire patterning brings to mind clouds, while the ruby colored glass aligns with the traditional Chinese wedding headdress.

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Red Lantern in Progress

Planks set into the pond call up the rhythm of railroad ties as you traverse the water to enter the lantern. The installation was in progress when I visited Cornerstone to photograph, as work continues on placing the crystals and patterning of the wire.

If you’re in the area, note the date – November 20th at 2p.m., when there’ll be a reception with Andy to celebrate the new installations, followed by a no-host dinner.

The event is co-sponsored by The Garden Conservancy.

2 comments to Andy Cao: Red Lantern at Cornerstone Sonoma

  • Great photos and coverage again-wonderful! To note, this Saturday 10/29 is the final volunteer work party to finish Red Lantern Garden. From 11-2, we’ll be making the wire cloud forms, assembling them into the ‘cloud mesh’, and hanging crystals. It’s a fun, meditative activity and you get a delicious lunch from Alsina Grill and an invite to the opening reception to boot. Anyone interested in doing a little artistic volunteering is encouraged to email to rsvp.

  • Thanks, Suzan!
    I can’t wait to see Red Lantern in all its finery! Looking forward to Andy’s reception.