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Marc Nucera .. Tree Sculptor

Marc Nucera .. ‘Listening To Trees’

I first met tree sculptor, Marc Nucera during a 2004 visit to Provence. Our small group of garden devotees – led by Louisa Jones – toured one landscape after another, from an intimate cottage to sites with vistas of Mount Ventoux and sweeping estates. These sublime settings demonstrated the forefront of garden-making, taking in the art and design of Dominique Lafourcade, Ossart and Maurières, Michel Semini, Pascal Cribier, to name a few; along with land art by Alain David Idoux, and the renowned hilltop terraces of French gardening doyenne, Nicole de Vesian, both no longer living.

Marc Nucera’s ‘tree shaping’ emerges in many Provençal gardens, along with Nucera’s wood sculpture, and site specific installations. In 2010 Marc opened his atelier in Noves for an exhibition that ran through May. You may want to search the internet for a Nucera exhibition if you plan a sojourn in France.

The photo reveals the resonant form of Nucera’s work in the landscape: it can be breathtaking. Image is from a book published in 2009, I’ve only found it to be available on

A l’ecoute des arbres (Listening to Trees) Actes Sud, May, 2009
Marc Nucera/Anne Hauben text/Aline Dautresme photographs

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